Ian Gardiner was excellent. I could have listened to him all day. The content was completely relevant and transferrable to our working practices"......."very motivational and inspiring. I will take so much from his talk to my practice" ..."an excellent captivating presentation."  

                                                                    General Practice Managers' Masterclass, Grantham

"Fascinating talk drawing on some truly incredible experiences. Definitely setting a standard in leadership and team performance for us to aspire to. Of direct relevance to decision-takers and leaders in all commercial companies."                                  George Cobb, Brand Manager, Nestlé

"Ian Gardiner ignites his audience. He has a highly motivating, inspiring style of talking and presenting."
                                                            Michael Goder, BakeMark Deutschland GmbH, Germany

"Ian's presentation was professionally delivered in a style which captivated the audience. Ian's ability to link his real life experience on the battlefield to challenges and issues we face daily in the business setting was first class."    
                                                                        Finance Director, RBS Global Banking & Markets

“The feedback ….very positive. The lecture was encouraging and thoroughly enlightening. Your professional insight into leadership left them with many thoughts for reflection. I have learned a great deal from your presentations which have influenced many young officers, providing them with an inspirational role model."
                                                   The Director, Junior Naval Staff Course, UK Defence Academy

"...absolutely brilliant....educational and inspiring." "The way Ian uses stories and history was captivating and allows us quickly to compare his experiences with our business." "I really enjoyed Ian's lecture today and have spent the evening telling my husband about it."   ...... "one of the best leadership sessions I have attended."                            
                                                                                                     Bank of America Merrill Lynch

"Ian's lecture style is natural, humorous, and packed with knowledge and first hand experience."                                                                         Andrea Lowde, Cruise Director, MV Discovery

 "Powerful, passionate, professional and original: Ian Gardiner gave us a most valuable and relevant tool to help us raise our corporate leadership and decision making to a new level."
                                               Simon Crowe, Vice President Corporate Planning, Transocean Inc

"The quality and professionalism of Ian's content and delivery were superb."
                                                                    Des Diamond, RFU Coaching Development Manager

"Ian provided a most enjoyable session. His historical and business leadership examples made the link clear to the delegates what they require for successful leadership and communication."                                                              Aileen Strachan, HR Training and Development, Talisman Energy

"Ian's message was very relevant and his observations accurately bridged the Military and Commercial worlds. His delivery was thoughtful and compelling. Ian provided a very worthwhile part of our team-building and objective setting work."
                                                              Robin Watson, Director, Petrofac Facilities Management

Thank you for such an eye opening talk...like most non-combatants, I have spent any number of hours listening to grand plans, global strategies and battlefield tactics…..but had no conception of….the sheer terror, the unpleasantness and the confusion which is what the grand plans are ultimately reduced to. An occasion which will live long in my memory...a stellar performance.”                                                                                                                      Fettes College, Edinburgh

  “…..your lecture universally praised by the student body….simultaneously thought provoking and entertaining.”                                         
                                                        The Director, Advanced Staff Course, UK Defence Academy

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